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Security Guard Training – Hollywood FL

Security guards are needed in Florida – call VSS to get started

Hollywood FL Security Guard Training and Licenses


People in the Hollywood, Fla., area who seek a career in security count on VSS Security & Firearms Academy for the best training in the industry. South Florida needs armed security guards and unarmed security guards. Are you ready to take a positive step in the right direction?

You can quickly earn the certification necessary to begin work in the security industry. Our instructors will make sure of it.

VSS Academy is a premier security and firearms training center, located conveniently in Doral, Fla. Learn from experienced instructors who understand what it takes to perform at the highest level in any security guard capacity. This is a great opportunity, because security personnel are needed in Hollywood and all the surrounding areas.


You can train to receive a variety of Florida licenses with VSS:

  • Florida State Security D License Course unarmed guards
  • Florida State Security G License Course armed guards
  • Florida State Concealed Weapons Permit Course
  • Florida State C License Course private investigator
  • Florida State M License Course investigative agency manger
Call (786) 801-1151 to take the first step toward any of these security licenses!

Crime seems to be a fact of life, and well-trained security officers are one of the ways we combat it. Plenty of job openings exist in the Hollywood area for individuals with a Florida State Security G License for armed personnel or a Florida State Security D License for unarmed security guards.

Throughout Hollywood, licensed security guards watch out for the public safety. Maybe personnel are needed to secure construction and project sites such as the Dania Beach Boulevard Rehabilitation Project. Some guards may be called on to maintain the peace at special events at Hollywood Beach. The truth is, there’s no end to opportunity when you have VSS Academy on your resume.

Licensed security guards in Hollywood FL can work just about anywhere

Security Guard School & Firearms Training near Hollywood FLAfter completing your license training with state-certified instructors at VSS, you’ll see a world of possibilities opened up. What kind of officer do you want to be? What’s your ideal work environment? With one of our security guard courses under your belt and with a clear knowledge of laws that govern the activity of security personnel, you’ll be ready for any opportunity that appears.

Where can you work as a licensed security guard trained through VSS?

  • Industrial buildings
  • Retail malls and centers
  • City offices/properties
  • Medical institutions
  • Transit centers
  • Corporate private security
  • Cargo transfers
  • Bicycle security
  • Personal bodyguard services
  • and much more

Your next GREAT CAREER starts at VSS

You can get started right away with training to become a licensed armed security guard or an unarmed officer. Stretching from the Hollywood Boardwalk to Topeekeegee Yungee Park, Hollywood is a busy place. That means qualified security personnel are needed in numerous capacities. This is especially true in places where there are crowds like Hollywood Hills Plaza, Seminole Paradise and Oceanwalk Mall.

Don’t pass on this opportunity – call (786) 801-1151 and start mapping your future!

Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Training in Hollywood FL

About VSS Security & Firearms Academy

VSS is headed by CEO William A. Lopez, a retired police officer with more than 35 years’ experience in both crime prevention and crime prevention through environmental design, as well as criminal investigations. We provide a safe and productive training environment for those seeking to become armed security officers, unarmed security officers, private investigators, instructors and more.

FL Class C License

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