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Miramar FL Security Guard Training / Firearms Classes

VSS is the Best Security Guard School in South Florida

Security Guard Training School Miramar FL


In and around Miramar, students enroll at VSS Security & Firearms Academy to get industry leading training for work as armed and unarmed security guards. Maybe now is your time!


If you’re interested in launching a new career in the fascinating world of private security, VSS Academy is your first stop.


We’re known throughout Miramar and the rest of Florida for our expertise in presenting students with a clear path toward receiving their security officer licenses. Our skilled instructors follow a proven curriculum and teach security and firearms concepts in a way students understand and absorb.


VSS offers various training programs for those seeking any of these Florida State licenses:


  • Florida State Security D License Course unarmed security guards
  • Florida State Security G License Course armed security officers
  • Florida State Concealed Weapons Permit Course
  • Florida State C License Course Florida private investigator
  • Florida State M License Course Investigative agency manager

Miramar FL needs Security Guards – start training now Call (786) 801-1151!

Crime seems to be something we all live with, but qualified security officers can “take a bite out of” this problem, as the saying goes. VSS will get you ready to apply for work as an armed security guard – Florida State Security G License – or as an unarmed officer – Florida State Security D License. Guards with these licenses are in demand everywhere.

Where is security needed in the Miramar area? Any place where public trouble could happen. Maybe you’ll find yourself patrolling the Raw and Juicy Farmers Market or working on a security team for special events at places like the Golf Garden of Destin. The larger community between I-75 and I-95 presents numerous opportunities for security guards to work in all capacities.

Doors open for security officers with the right training

Miramar FL armed security guard training with firearms at range

VSS-trained security officers learn from certified, expert instructors. Training through our program looks great on your resume and can open many doors for you. We teach you not only the day-to-day work of a security guard but also all the laws (including tricky use-of-force laws) you’ll need to know to do your job with confidence and professionalism.

Where do security guards work, and what kind of work do they do?

  • Patrol of industrial properties
  • Retail security
  • Municipal properties
  • Security for medical centers and clinics
  • Transit center patrol
  • Corporate meeting security
  • Cargo depot security
  • Bicycle patrol officer
  • Personal bodyguard for celebrities and VIPs
  • and much more

Security Guard Training at it’s Best at VSS

Start training for a career as a professional security officer at VSS Academy. Help to maintain safety in Miramar, or wherever your chosen work locale is. Pembroke Pines, West Park and greater Miramar are all communities in need of security personnel who know their stuff and are ready to go to work. And that’s exactly how you can be described when you train at VSS.

VSS Security & Firearms Training Academy is closer than you think. Call (786) 801-1151 today!


About VSS Security & Firearms Academy

VSS is headed by CEO William A. Lopez, a retired police officer with more than 35 years’ experience in both crime prevention and crime prevention through environmental design, as well as criminal investigations. We provide a safe and productive training environment for those seeking to become armed security officers, unarmed security officers, private investigators, instructors and more.

FL Class C License

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