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Firearms Training & Security Guard School near Kendall FL

You can Trust Security Guard Training at VSS!

Kendall FL Security Guard Training Courses


People in Kendall and neighboring south Florida areas attend security guard training at VSS Security & Firearms Academy because they want the best courses and instructors for unarmed security guards, armed security guards, weapons training and more.

If it’s time for a new career with virtually endless opportunities, you should look into what VSS can do for you.

As one of the most respected security guard training facilities in Florida, we hire instructors with hands-on experience in security services and the operation of firearms. A state-approved curriculum and the thorough teaching style in all VSS programs means this is a big first step toward a satisfying career.



At VSS, you can train to receive your security guard license as well as several other important licenses in the state of Florida:


  • Florida State Security D License Course: become a licensed unarmed security guard
  • Florida State Security G License Course: training for armed security personnel
  • Florida State Concealed Weapons Permit Course
  • Florida State C License Course: for those who want to work as Florida private investigators
  • Florida State M License Course: the licensing course for security agency managers

Kendall, FL Security & Firearms Training: Call (786) 801-1151 to enroll!

Security Guard School & Licensing Courses Miami - Kendall FLThe “good guys” have been fighting crime for years, and you can be one of them. VSS Academy equips qualified applicants to receive their Florida State Security G License (armed security) or Florida State Security D License (unarmed security). Both types of security personnel are needed in Kendall and other local communities.

Anywhere crowds gather – the Greenery Mall, for example, or special events at Killian Palms Country Club – security guards are often hired to keep the peace. VSS-trained security officers have field knowledge as well as knowledge of laws that cover use of force and other aspects of security work. Our graduates know how to handle themselves and how to handle whatever situations that might arise.


Licensed Security Guards in Kendall can work most anywhere

Our state-certified instructors will get you ready to perform outstanding work in a wide variety of job types. With the knowledge and skills you receive here, you can be confident in seeking security guard work anywhere that would be a good fit with your lifestyle.

Where can you launch your new career? Just about any place that needs trained security guards:

  • Manufacturing and industrial firms
  • Retail/big box, small box
  • City/municipal offices and properties
  • Health facilities/medical centers
  • Transportation – bus, rail, airport
  • Security for corporate events
  • Guarding cargo shipments
  • Patrolling communities on bike
  • Personal bodyguard detail
  • and much more

Receive Your Security Guard Training from the Best

Graduates of VSS training and licensure programs are definitely in demand for security guard positions throughout south Florida. Right here in Kendall, opportunities abound. Security details are often used in and around Dadeland. Easy access to the area is made possible by the Palmetto Expressway and the Don Shula Expressway. More people gathering means a greater need for security personnel to maintain safety for everyone.

Start your Security & Firearms Training – Call VSS at (786) 801-1151 to join an upcoming class!

FL State Security Guard Licenses and Training Courses Kendall FL

About VSS Security & Firearms Academy

VSS is headed by CEO William A. Lopez, a retired police officer with more than 35 years’ experience in both crime prevention and crime prevention through environmental design, as well as criminal investigations. We provide a safe and productive training environment for those seeking to become armed security officers, unarmed security officers, private investigators, instructors and more.

FL Class C License

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