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Security Guard: A great choice for a career in Florida

Armed Security Guard Training Courses - Miami FL


Are you ready for a new career? Have you looked into all the amazing opportunities for licensed security guards, both armed and unarmed? VSS Security & Firearms Academy is in business to train you for an exciting security career in many industries and settings.

Start preparing for a career in security today

Along with our popular Florida State Security G License Course for armed guards and the Florida State Security D License Course for unarmed officers, we have other license courses. We offer a course for the renewal of your G license, which is required once a year for anyone working in armed security. Another course we provide is for a concealed weapons permit. Our goal is always to equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed to advance their careers in the security industry.

State of Florida Licensing Courses for Security Guards


For individuals who believe they have what it takes to help others get started in a security career, we offer specialized training courses for classroom instructors and firearms instructors. We also provide courses for those wishing to become private investigators or managers of a security agency.

If working as a security officer in any capacity is a dream of yours, VSS can help make it come true. We’re a recognized leading training facility staffed by fully qualified instructors who want to get you from where you are now to where you want to go.

To learn more about all the doors that training at VSS can open for you, call us at (786) 801-1151. We’ll help you schedule the necessary courses to get you off and running in a rewarding new career.

FL Class C License

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