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Important Gun Safety Tips

Miami Fl - Doral FL - Gun Safety TrainingGun safety is no joke. At VSS Security & Firearms Academy of Miami, we take the safe use of firearms very seriously. When you’re in one of our Florida State security guard courses that involves firearms training, we’ll make sure you’re safe on the practice range. But beyond the firing range, here are some gun safety tips everyone who owns a firearm must know and follow.

The gun is loaded.

That’s how to think of any gun until you know different. Never assume a gun isn’t loaded if you haven’t checked it out. If for any reason you can’t confirm that there’s no bullet in the gun, then you should treat the pistol, rifle or shotgun as if it’s loaded and ready to fire.

Pointing a loaded gun.

When you’re at our firing ranges, our expert instructors will make sure that your practice piece is always pointed down-range. You should do the same any time you’re in a place where you’ll be firing a gun. In other words, if someone calls out to you, don’t turn toward them with the gun in firing position like Al Capone. Never point a gun at anything you don’t plan to shoot. This rule has saved many lives.

Secure your firearm.

When storing your guns at home, make sure you put them in a place where no one can get to them. In a childless family, the top shelf of a closet or in a bedside drawer might work. If children are in the home, put trigger locks on every piece and keep the guns in a locked space. This is an easy way to avoid a very tragic situation.

Unload the gun.

There’s only one reason to have ammunition in a firearm: because you’re planning to shoot it. At all other times, be safe and keep all guns unloaded. Never forget that the only kind of gun that can harm you or another person is one that’s loaded.

Firearms Training & Gun Safety in South FL
Off the trigger.

When handling a gun, don’t do so with your finger on the trigger. Whether you’re inspecting the weapon or preparing to take some practice shots or stalking a prize elk, there’s absolutely no reason for you to be touching the trigger until it’s time to shoot. You may say, “But the safety’s on. What’s the problem?” In more tragic cases than we care to remember, those have been famous last words.


If your gun misfires, be especially cautious handling it until the problem is resolved. It’s a big mistake to think that just because a gun failed to fire once that it’s incapable of firing at all.

Right ammunition.

You’d think that this one would be common sense, but that’s not always the case. Firearms are built to take a specific type of bullets. When loading a gun, there’s no such thing as “close enough.” There’s only right ammunition and wrong ammunition. Use the right kind.

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