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Obtaining a Florida Concealed Weapons License

Florida State Conceal Carry Permit Licensing If you’re ready to go for your concealed carry permit, here’s what you need to know.

First-time applicants for Conceal Carry Permit

  1. Meet all the Florida State Concealed Weapons License eligibility requirements.
  2. Do the necessary training to become competent with a firearm before applying for a license.
  3. Become familiar with the concealed carry application instructions.
  4. There are several ways for you tosubmit your application.
  5. A) Fast Track: Schedule an appointment to bring your application to any of eight regional offices within the State of Florida.
  6. B) Concealed Weapon Intake System: You can submit your application at an authorized tax collector office within the state.
  7. C) Submit your application by mail:Print out the Concealed Weapons License Application form. You must also submit your fingerprints, which can be done by contacting a local law enforcement agency.

Conceal Carry Permit Renewals

You can renew your Concealed Weapons License at a regional office, an authorized tax collector office, or by mail.

Call VSS Security & Firearms Academy to schedule your spot in the next Florida State Concealed Weapons License Course. Call (786) 801-1151.
Concealed Carry Permit in Florida - Miami FL Licensing Course


FL Class C License

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